The Unified Technical Story

In the beginning of Jerry Maguire, the title character spends a restless night in his moonlit Miami Hilton suite writing a mission statement about the ways in which his employer, Sports Management International, has lost its path. Dishonesty and impersonal practices have become the norm at SMI. The interests of the client are a secondary concern. He aims to correct that.

Of course, Jerry is fired after distributing his statement. And, yes, he loses nearly his entire client list, including superstar quarterback prospect Frank “Cush” Cushman. Only one client, wide receiver Rod “Show Me the Money” Tidwell, sticks with him. Ultimately, their close relationship is the catalyst for shared professional success. Jerry’s mission statement is validated.

“The secret to this job is personal relationships.” – Jerry Maguire

In 1998, the founders of Unified Technical encountered a similar challenge. Far too many staffing companies had become overly concerned with chasing transactions. Customer satisfaction was a lower priority than immediate profit. Building relationships, the most vital aspect of the job, had become an afterthought.

Unified Technical’s mission was to make personal relationships the foundation of their business. Completing a transaction is not the end goal. It’s a step in the process that leads to fulfillment for both client and consultant.

The firm started as an IT staffing company that specialized in infrastructure support in Southern California. It has since organically grown, relationship by relationship, into a much larger enterprise.

Who We Are Today
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